Dian Surf School Canggu Bali

Surf Lessons In canggu

Surf Lessons In canggu With Professional Instructor & High Quality Equipment, we Provide All Level Surf Lessons In canggu bali

Surf Lessons In Canggu

400K Idr Rupiah

Ready To do Surf Lessons In canggu With us ? we Provide Professional Surf Lessons In canggu For Whole Level, From Beginner Surf lessons – Intermediate & Kids Surf Lessons. We Located In The Most famous Surf Spot In batu Bolong canggu.

Our surf lesson included 

  • Private Instructor each Person
  • Free mineral water 
  • zinc UV face Protection 
  • Surf Board
  • Instruction Theory
  • UV protection lycra/ Rash Guard
  • 2 hours max surf lesson

What To Expect On Surf Lessons In Canggu

Best Surf Spot In Canggu

Canggu Has Good Surf Spot Specialy For Intermediate Surf Lesson, As Our Surf School Located In Batu Bolong becah & Batu Is Very Challenging  Surf Spot. 

Professional Local Surf Instructor

we provide Professional Surf Instructor. Why We prepare Local professional Surf Instructor? Because They Know The situation Better Than Anyone. They speak Influence English. and Most Of them pro Surfer. Who been surfing for many years.

High Quality Equipment.

Central to any surfer’s arsenal is the surfboard, and at Dian Surf School, only the best will do. Whether you’re gliding across gentle rollers or tackling challenging breaks, the school’s fleet of surfboards caters to every skill level and wave condition. From soft-top foam boards ideal for beginners to high-performance fiberglass models for advanced riders, each board is meticulously maintained to ensure optimal performance and safety in the water.

Small Size private Surf lessons In canggu

safety is paramount in small size surf lessons in canggu, with instructors prioritizing proper technique, ocean awareness, and risk management. Participants are equipped with high-quality surfboards and safety gear, and comprehensive safety briefings ensure that everyone is well-prepared to navigate the waves safely. With instructors by their side every step of the way, students can surf with confidence and peace of mind.

Expert guidance And Support

In addition to providing high-quality equipment, Dian Surf School’s team of expert instructors is on hand to offer guidance and support every step of the way. Whether you’re selecting the perfect board for your skill level and wave conditions or fine-tuning your technique for maximum performance, instructors draw upon their extensive knowledge and experience to ensure that you’re equipped for success in the water.

Why doing Surf Lessons In Canggu With Us ?

Safety Are Our priority 

In Our Surf Lesson Canggu We Do 1:1 mean 1 Instructor for One Student why..? Because 1 instructor Cant Handle 2 person in the Water Speacialy When You Dealing With Mother of Nature , because can be strong current out there.


Certified Surf Instructor 

Our Instructor been teaching More Than 15 years.And Our Instructor Will lead You To become Better Surfer.


Fun Surf  Session 

As We Understand We Live One Time,  We got So Much Pressure In Life & Work , In Our Intermediate surf Lesson We Will Make Sure You Gonna Have Fun ridding The waves, & Make Your Experience In surfing unforgetable.



Beginner 400IDR

We provide beginner Surf Lesson in Canggu, For all Level, The lesson Are private All Equipment Are Fully Included. for 2 hours max.

Intermediate Surf lesson 400k IDR

the lesson are private all equipment are fully included. for 2 hours max. The lesson is depending on what you need to fix in intermediate.

Kids surf lesson 400k IDR

kids surf lesson started 5 years old, surf lesson in canggu is good for kids, we have consistent waves, and the lesson is 2 hours, all equipment are fully included

Packages Price 1.750.000IDR

we have packages surf lesson for you who want to surf more. the price is for 5 lesson all equipment are fully included.

How To find us

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