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Intermediate surf lesson canggu

Get Intermediate Surf Lesson Canggu with Affodable price, All Quipment Are fully Included, & We Will Fix Your skill Level To Become Better Surfer

Intermediate Surf Lesson Canggu

400K Idr Rupiah

Our surf lesson included 

  • Private Instructor each Person
  • Free mineral water 
  • zinc UV face Protection 
  • Surf Board
  • Instruction Theory
  • UV protection lycra/ Rash Guard
  • 2 hours max surf lesson

What To Expect On Intermediate Surf Canggu

Best Surf Spot In Canggu

Canggu Has Good Surf Spot Specialy For Intermediate Surf Lesson Canggu, As Our Surf School Located In Batu Bolong becah & Batu Is Very Challenging  Surf Spot For Intermediate. 

Become Better Surfer

In intermediate Surf Lesson canggu You Will Learn Much More Skill To Explore,  Again Depending On Your Skill. Our Instructor Will Look At Your Skill And What Need To Be fixed, As We cannot See Our Self In The Water Like We See Our Self In The Mirror Haha, Dont Be To Serious.

Find Right Size Of Your Surf Board

I Have Seen So Many People They Trying To Jumping To Smaller Size of Board And Take Shortcut, But To become better Surfer You Have to know what Best Size Of Your Board.

Learn Timming And Catch The waves In The Right Time

So many People have Hard Time To learn How to Catch The Wave In The Right Time, Is Paddling the most Important ? Yes It Is  But Even If You Good In paddeling Dosent Guarantee You can Catch wave By Your Own. To Learn The Timming You can Easily Explain Our Instructor so They can Hel You Out learning That Skill.

In intermediate Surf lesson Canggu We Will Try our Best To help You out With Your skill.

Why doing Intermediate Surf Lesson Canggu With Us ?

Safety Are Our priority 

In Our Surf Lesson Canggu We Do 1:1 mean 1 Instructor for One Student why..? Because 1 instructor Cant Handle 2 person in the Water Speacialy When You Dealing With Mother of Nature , because can be strong current out there.


Certified Surf Instructor 

Our Instructor been teaching More Than 15 years.And Our Instructor Will lead You To become Better Surfer.


Fun Surf  Session 

As We Understand We Live One Time,  We got So Much Pressure In Life & Work , In Our Intermediate surf Lesson We Will Make Sure You Gonna Have Fun ridding The waves, & Make Your Experience In surfing unforgetable.



Beginner 400IDR

We provide beginner Surf Lesson in Canggu, For all Level, The lesson Are private All Equipment Are Fully Included. for 2 hours max.

Intermediate Surf lesson 400k IDR

the lesson are private all equipment are fully included. for 2 hours max. The lesson is depending on what you need to fix in intermediate.

Kids surf lesson 400k IDR

kids surf lesson started 5 years old, surf lesson in canggu is good for kids, we have consistent waves, and the lesson is 2 hours, all equipment are fully included

Packages Price 1.750.000IDR

we have packages surf lesson for you who want to surf more. the price is for 5 lesson all equipment are fully included.

How To find us


Where can I surf in Canggu for intermediate?

Intermediate surfers thrive at Echo Beach and Batu Bolong in Canggu, offering challenging waves amid the vibrant surf scene.

How do I progress to intermediate surfing?

To progress to intermediate surfing, practice consistent sessions, learn to read waves, refine paddling and turning techniques, and seek guidance from experienced surfers or instructors.

Why is Canggu so popular?

Canggu's popularity stems from its relaxed vibe, trendy cafes, vibrant nightlife, world-class surf breaks, and stunning rice field views.

How To Fix Surf intermediate skill?

Refine techniques, practice regularly, study wave patterns, seek mentorship, and challenge yourself with varied surf conditions to enhance intermediate skills.

How long to become intermediate surfer?

Becoming an intermediate surfer typically takes 1-2 years with consistent practice, instruction, and dedication to mastering fundamental skills and wave reading.

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