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Batu Bolong Surf lesson

Batu Bolong Surf Lesson At Dian Surf School Canggu Bali with Affodable price. We Provide surf lesson for all level, beginner- Intermediate & Kids surf

Batu Bolong Surf Lesson

400K Idr Rupiah

Our surf lesson included 

  • Private Instructor each Person
  • Free mineral water 
  • zinc UV face Protection 
  • Surf Board
  • Instruction Theory
  • UV protection lycra/ Rash Guard
  • 2 hours max surf lesson

What To Bring During The Lesson?

  • Towel 
  • swimwear 

What To Expect On Batu Bolong Surf Lesson

Absolutely The Best Surf Spot In Canggu

There several surf spot in Canggu but Batu Bolong  Surf Lesson Is Currently the best Specialy For Beginner – Intermediate & Kids Surf Lesson, As Our Surf School Located In Batu Bolong becah & Batu surf lesson Is Very Challenging  Surf Spot For All Level

Good For Every Level Surfer

Batu bolong becoming Famous surf spot since 2012, As Batu Bolong Known As Consistent Wave, this Why so many people love to surf in batu bolong, it can be busy sometimes but batu bolong has huge surf spot, and you can always ask for your surf instructor to bring you in quiet part. or if you solo surfer you can easily find in the quiet part.

Our Surf School Located Right in Front of the Beach

Many people Wondering If i surf Where Should I put my item ? like phone or anything? dont worry , dian surf school canggu bali our surf school are located right in batu bolong beach and we have locker for your stuff. So you can be relax doing batu bolong surf lesson with us

Why doing Batu Bolong Surf Lesson With Us ?

Safety Are Our priority 

In Batu Bolong Surf Lesson We Do 1:1 mean 1 Instructor for One Student why..? Because 1 instructor Cant Handle 2 person in the Water Speacialy When You Dealing With Mother of Nature , because can be strong current out there.


Certified Surf Instructor 

Our Instructor been teaching More Than 15 years.And Our Instructor Will lead You To become Better Surfer.


Fun Surf  Session 

As We Understand We Live One Time,  We got So Much Pressure In Life & Work , In Batu Bolong surf Lesson We Will Make Sure You Gonna Have Fun ridding The waves, & Make Your Experience In surfing unforgetable.

Nestled along Bali’s southwestern coast lies the enchanting gem of Batu Bolong. Renowned for its pristine beaches, vibrant culture, and epic surf breaks, this coastal haven beckons adventurers and surf enthusiasts alike to its shores.

Batu Bolong’s allure lies not only in its azure waters and golden sands but also in its thriving surf scene. Surfers from across the globe flock here to ride the legendary waves that roll in with remarkable consistency. Whether you’re a seasoned pro or a novice eager to learn, Batu Bolong offers waves suitable for every skill level.

Batu Bolong, Bali, isn’t just a destination—it’s a pilgrimage for surfers seeking the ultimate wave-riding experience. Here, the convergence of swells from the Indian Ocean produces waves of unparalleled quality, attracting surfers of all levels to its shores.



Beginner 400IDR

We provide beginner Surf Lesson in Canggu, For all Level, The lesson Are private All Equipment Are Fully Included. for 2 hours max.

Intermediate Surf lesson 400k IDR

the lesson are private all equipment are fully included. for 2 hours max. The lesson is depending on what you need to fix in intermediate.

Kids surf lesson 400k IDR

kids surf lesson started 5 years old, surf lesson in canggu is good for kids, we have consistent waves, and the lesson is 2 hours, all equipment are fully included

Packages Price 1.750.000IDR

we have packages surf lesson for you who want to surf more. the price is for 5 lesson all equipment are fully included.

How To find us


is batu bolong safe for surf lesson?

Yes It Is, Batu bolong are very safe for every level, you Can Visit dian surf school canggu bali located right in front of batu bolong beach.

Why Batu Bolong So busy For Surfing

Batu Bolong's consistent waves and scenic location attract many surfers, contributing to its busy nature.

Any Recomended surf school in batu bolong?

There are several surf school. but if you looking to find front beach surf school, dian surf school are right in front of batu bolong beach

what time the best to surf in batu bolong

well depending on the tide, you can go for morning session so you can get more less busy.

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